Gemini School of Dance Privacy Notice

To be able to operate efficiently, lawfully and safely as a dance school, Gemini School of Dance must collect some basic personal information for every student. This is kept to a minimum, and is reviewed annually to ensure that the information collected is all relevant.  Keeping your information safe is of the utmost importance, and Gemini School of Dance is compliant with both the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulations.

Information that Gemini School of Dance will collect:

- Your name and address

- Your phone number (mobile, landline or both)

- Each student’s name

- Each student’s date of birth

- Information regarding any existing medical conditions or allergies that each student may have, which could affect the safe delivery of dancing classes and other activities

- Details for an ‘emergency contact person’

- A register of class attendance

- Dance examination results

- Fitness PAR-Q Forms

How will my information be kept up to date?

You are responsible for notifying Gemini School of Dance if there are any changes to any of the information you provided us with on your registration form / PAR-Q. This can be done at the start of any class. We ask that you do not use social media or email to send us any personal or sensitive information, and instead request a paper registration form to complete or update.

How will my Information be stored?

- Your registration form / PAR-Q will be stored as a hard copy, and securely locked away when not in use. These forms contain emergency information and for the safety and wellbeing of our students, this information will be brought to classes so that Gemini coaches have access to it if required. Your information will not be stored electronically.

How long will my information be held on file?

- If students are not re-enrolled at the next new term starting after the summer holidays, your registration form will be securely and safely destroyed.  

- PAR-Q forms will be destroyed at 6 monthly intervals, for any participant who has not been actively attending classes.

Gemini School of Dance will never buy or sell information. Occasionally it may be necessary for us to share your information to fulfil our role as a dance school.

- Information may be shared with the BATD to allow participation in Dance Examinations

- Information may be shared with the venue hosting the annual dance show e.g. North Lanarkshire Council

- Should the need arise, information may be passed to the emergency services.

Consent that Gemini School of Dance needs to collect from parents/guardians:

- That you have read, understood and agreed to data collection and processing as described in the privacy notice

- If you agree to medical assistance being given if it is required

- If you agree to Gemini School of Dance using photographs and/or video footage for publicity, which could be in the form of paper posters and flyers, on website, or on the Facebook page,

- Consent is required before students can participate in the annual dance show or any other special events

How can I access the information held by Gemini School of Dance?

- Just ask. You can ask any organisation at any time via a written Subject Access Request for a copy of all your personal information that is being held on file and it will be provided within one month.

- If you have any questions about why we require the information we collect, or if you have any concerns, you can speak to Julie at any time.

If you would like this information in another format, please ask and we will do our best to help.